“I’m a lucky man. I have competed, adventured, served and lived alongside the most amazing people in the world. Now I have the honor of sharing with you what I’ve learned from them on this great mission called life.”

Clint Bruce

“You’re only in competition with yesterday’s you!”

Clint had never even considered being a speaker, but knew he had a lot to share. His deep sense of stewardship for the opportunities, knowledge, and adventures that he’s experienced, was his driving force. What encouraged Clint to further pursue the profession, was the opportunities that he could create for the incredible men and women that he’s had the privilege to swerve alongside of.

As an professional speaker, Clint has the opportunity to share with people what he’s learned from others throughout the “remarkable and fortunate: life that he’s led thus far.

“I’ve been incredibly blessed in the company I’ve kept, and some of those folks are no longer with us. When I share with audiences what I’ve learned from these friends, mentors and members or my family … it brings them back to life for me … even for just a little while.”

For Clint Bruce, hearing back from people he’s spoken to and learning that what he’s shared with them has made a difference in their life, makes it all worth it. As a speaker, that’s the measure of how much you matter for Clint.

After leaving the Navy, Clint Bruce, much like most veterans, was faced with the challenges of coming home and redefining who he was. As a soldier, you know exactly who you are and your purpose, stepping out of that uniform (typically all at once) is a shock. For Clint, finding unique needs in the market that he was gifted at, and then finding a way to win a little every day put him back into the “win the day” mentality that he’s known as both an athlete and operator.

Clint Bruce’s perspective on life and “becoming elite” has inspired people nationwide. Clint is a firm believer in sharing what you’ve learned from others, because at the end of the day, we’ve all been through similar situations at some point in our lives.

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